Managing Director UK, Ireland and Nordics
Karen Jones

“Culture is a business issue,” Karen explains, “so we work with clients to explore their organisational culture, define its current state and prioritise action to drive business performance.”
Using data that indicates where to focus attention, Karen specialises in high-impact development programmes for teams and one-to-one coaching that operate at the deep level of attitudes and habits. This work leads to effective management and leadership styles that drive compassionate accountability and progress.
“My goal,” says Karen, “is to transform the ambiguous and unmanageable within organisations into something energising and productive. As we help align corporate culture and staff behaviours with organisational priorities and personal goals, organizations see significant growth. I am at my best working with teams to create a unique ‘space’ where they can explore personal defenses and choices that often maintain division and inefficient decision making.”
According to her clients, Karen “gets to the nub of a situation quickly and asks insightful and thought-provoking questions to help bring clarity and understanding,” and she “provides frameworks to aid resolution of often complex issues.” “Karen has been provocative and challenging where needed,” said one client, “but ultimately hugely supportive.”
Karen earned her master’s in Health Science (Research Methods) from the University of Newcastle, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Coaching from Newcastle Business School.
Karen is based at Denison UK’s headquarters in Heaton, New-Castle-upon-Tyne, England.

Managing Director Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Anja Fiedler

Anja has had a distinguished corporate career in various industries and geographic regions, and brings to Denison Consulting 20 years of corporate experience in Unilever, Philip Morris International and Lonza Group where she held very senior positions in marketing, business development & strategy, and general management. She has lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Thailand, South Africa, Czech Republic and the USA. Through her work she also covered EEMEA and LATAM.
Her industry experience ranges from Consumer Goods, Bioscience, and Healthcare to the Chemical and Automobile industries. She also brings experience in the NGOs, >1400 hours of Executive Coaching experience, has run her own business, and is fluent in German, English, Thai and French, and was elected No. 2 businesswoman of the year in the Czech Republic in 2007.  She holds a Master’s  Degree in business administration from the European Business School, and is a certified Coach (Kairos Foundation and Luzern Weiterbildungsforum).

Client Manager Europe
Zach Merfert

An “analytical harmonizer”, Zach is a data-driven and client-focused professional with 5+ years of experience as a client manager and project support specialist at Denison Consulting both in the US and Europe. He enjoys assisting clients to sift through the noise in order to arrive at actionable ideas and bringing teams to a common understanding of where their culture can impact organisational effectiveness.
Zach is skilled in managing and executing global, client-facing projects for demanding senior executives of Fortune 500 companies and SMBs alike. Zach earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s in Human Resources and Organisational Development.

Client Manager Europe
Timothe Caron

Timothe Caron has a Master’s degree in human geography and environmental sciences from the university of Lausanne, Switzerland. He has experience in data collecting and analysis for academic research, map making, translation, archiving, storehouse handling and shipping operations, festival and event planning and cookery. He also has a diploma in massage therapy and has provided treatments on marathons and cycling events.

Finance & Control
Nazieret Hasenclever

Nazieret has over 15 years of professional experience in finance, accounting and auditing and has also gained experience in the field of human resources in various accounting and tax consulting law firms. Nazieret has worked in Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mannheim, and the Lake of Constance area. After completing her training in the tax office in Germany, she completed a degree in economics with focus on taxation and international tax law. Nazieret then moved into the industry and has many years of experience in financial accounting for international producers and service companies.