Employee Empowerment during COVID-19
Employee Empowerment during COVID-19 768 384 Zach Merfert

Fascinating; According to a new HBR article (summarised in Business Wire) , “…organisations will be more successful when frontline workers are empowered to make important decisions in the moment…” I say fascinating because Denison Consulting proved this through research long ago. In fact, we know that empowerment and employee involvement have measurable impacts on employee…

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2021… Are you ready for an amazing year?
2021… Are you ready for an amazing year? 768 384 Karen Jones

How to see your way to the other side of Corona as a Leader It is extremely easy to watch all the current events pass by and react to them without really stopping to think ‘what does this mean for me?’ and ‘how might my reactions be affecting those around me?’ A few months ago,…

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